Samsung recently launched its much-awaited 2018 range of QLED TVs. The Q7FN, Q8FN and Q9FN Series are based on Samsung’s Quantum Dot technology. The TVs were launched after weeks of speculation and the release of several impressive demos. These TVs are an upgrade to their predecessors, more so in terms of picture quality, voice assistant capabilities, and smart home control. (best 3d printers comparison)


Samsung QLED Q7FN, Q8FN and Q9FN TV Models

Samsung QLED Q7FN Series Samsung Q7FN

This is arguable the most exquisitely-designed TV in Samsung’s 2018 QLED range. The TV is is an upgrade to the highly successful Q7F range of TVs. It seamlessly blends stunning picture quality with modern styling. Suitable for both gaming and streaming your favorite shows, this set ticks all the right boxes as far as smart TV technology is concerned. 

The biggest upgrade in this TV from its predecessor is the fact that it automatically recognizes and controls connected devices via the on-screen display and its own remote.  The inclusion of an infrared blaster that is built into the OneConnect box is another notable upgrade on this TV. 

  • The Good

Samsung Q7FN features a modern and sleek style, which is accentuated by an impeccable finish. This TV set similarly has a forward-looking breakout box and an invisible wiring system that ensure a clean installation. It has been dubbed a “stunner’ and it’s easy to see why. The Q7FN has a picture-perfect design featuring a thin black frame that is beautifully edged in Silver. An eye-catching Samsung logo sits at the bottom.  

The use of Samsung’s QLED technology in this TV helps deliver unbelievable brightness, color, and contrast. It is significantly brighter than its predecessor, something that guarantees crystal-clear pictures in any lighting environment. The TV similarly delivers superb detail due to its HDR-compatibility features. The thin design makes this TV perfect for wall hanging. What’s more, an expanded viewing angle helps deliver incredible images regardless of where you are seated in a room. 

  • The Bad

Even with its incredible features, Samsung Q7FN TV isn’t a match for OLED and even high-end LED LCD TVs, which deliver more impressive images. Samsung also focused so much on design and image quality at the expense of sound quality. You will have to purchase external sound bars alongside the TV. LG’s C8 OLED TV easily beats the Q7FN if sound and image quality is anything to go by.

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Samsung Q8FNSamsung QLED Q8FN Series

Judging by its 2018 QLED lineup, Samsung is attempting to make inroads into the high-end TV market. The Q8FN is an upgrade to Samsung’s 2017 range of Q8F TVs with new features such as the SmartThings IoT connectivity, Bixby voice assistant, and the smartphone-based TV setup capability. It similarly beats its predecessor in terms of power consumption, HDR streaming, and black levels. 

  • The Good

Samsung Q8FN has an outstanding design. It uses the Quantum Dot technology, which in layman’s language, is more LED than OLED. The TV has a new “Ambient” mode and a skinny bezel which allows you to seamlessly mount it on your living room wall. The silver frame and stand looks flashy and futuristic. The One Mount design allows you to easily interchange this TV’s stand. It similarly comes with an Invisible connection code, which carries power, and audio and video data. 

Samsung Q8FN has a resolution of 3840 x 2160. The 120Hz refresh rate makes this TV suitable for gamers. Samsung incorporated a Q-Engine, which helps push your non-4K content to UHD levels. Besides this, you can easily upscale HDR10 streams in real time to HDR10+ quality. Just like its predecessor, the Q8FN has a peak brightness of 1500 nits. The full-array local dimming feature enhances black levels thus ensuring an optimal viewing experience. 

  • The Bad

One of the main concerns that have been raised about the 2017 Q8 Series was that in low-light environments, the edge lighting caused gray banding and backlight clouding. The full-array local dimming of the 2018 Q8FN models make picture quality undeniably better than that of its predecessor. However, the screen of the Q8FN may still be too reflective, and colors tend to lose their contrast when you aren’t facing the TV directly. Nevertheless, Samsung Q8FN performs admirably well when compared to other TVs such as Sony XBR-65X900F. However, the latter’s use of Dolby Vision support helps produce brighter and more detailed images.


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Samsung QLED Q9FN Series Samsung Q9FN

This is another outstanding TV in Samsung’s 2018 QLED lineup. It offers HDR10+ support and full-array elite backlighting. It has been described as a throwback to the yesteryears due to the incorporation of LCD technology. The Q9FN is a replacement for 2017’s Q9F, which was somewhat disappointing. It is available in 65inch and 75inch screen sizes. 

  • The Good

Samsung Q9FN is built on an LCD panel. It is similarly enhanced by Samsung’s quantum dots technology. It features an upgraded version of Tizen TV operating system. To ensure quick navigation, Samsung incorporated top-of-the-range features including Universal Guide, SmartThings support, and Bixby voice assistant. 

Combining LCD and QLED technologies produces phenomenal color contrast, which redefines luxury viewing. The Q9FN similarly has an exquisite design, which is accentuated by a stylish but sturdy stand. The remarkably thin design of this TV allows you to easily wall-mount it. The Ambient Mode and clutter-free cabling transforms this TV into a wallpaper of sorts once you wall-mount it. 

The Q9FN’s interface closely resembles the Eden system of its predecessor. Nonetheless, the difference lies in the fact that this TV’s Universal Guide feature bands on-demand and live content together for quick navigation. The Q9FN’s predecessor had a voice assistant feature. However, it was only limited to controlling the set using simple phrases. By adding Bixby in the Q9FN, this TV can answer questions just as good as a smart speaker only that its answers will be paired with graphics. 

  • The Bad

We all expected the Q9FN to go full-throttle as far as local dimming is concerned. Nonetheless, this isn’t the case. The TV is also thin but nonetheless, doesn’t match the thinness of its competitors such as the Vizio P-series TVs. Besides this, the TV is strikingly similar to its predecessor and therefore, shouldn't be considered much of an upgrade.


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