LG intends to dominate the high-end TV market judging from the brand’s 2018 OLED TV lineup. The C8 and E8 models in particular have been lauded for epitomizing the OLED technology. These TVs have state-of-the-art processing systems and display technology, which will certainly afford you a next-gen viewing and gaming experience. - best 3d printers review


LG OLED C8P and E8P TV Models

LG OLED C8P Series LG OLED C8P Series

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This set was recognized as one of the most incredible TVs during the 2018 CES. Available in 55", 65", and 77" screen size, the C8 TV perfectly combines excellent picture quality with alluring aesthetics. It is equipped with LG’s inventive AI ThinQ® technology and α9 Intelligent Processor for quick navigation. ThinQ is basically a built-in smart feature that allows you to connect all smart devices in your house to the TV. 

The C8 TV similarly features a slender screen, a slanting silver base stand, and an incredibly thin chassis that give it a stylish appearance. LG used a delicate-looking yet sturdy stand that gives the set a hi-tech look. The stand and frame are built from polished, lightweight aluminum. LG C8 TV has a uniform dark gray and black color. 

The sliding stand design helps project sound effectively in the room where you have installed the TV. Nonetheless, the slanting design means that a sound bar cannot be placed in front of this set. With a maximum thickness of 1.89 inches at screen’s top half, you are assured of a picture-like wall mount. 

When it comes to picture quality the LG C8 set performs admirably. The OLED emissive technology used ensures perfect blacks and bright whites. Therefore, you are guaranteed high quality images even when gaming or watching the TV at skewed angles and also in brightly-lit or dark rooms. A low input lag and instantaneous response times mean that the C8 TV is highly responsive when gaming.

The C8 delivers stunning images by upscaling HDR content to 4K quality. The use of Alpha 9 technology comes in handy during fast scenes since it enables the set to keep with rapid motion. The presence of local dimming features on this TV gives it an infinite contrast ratio. The set similarly handles reflections easily thus making it suitable for bright entertainment rooms. 


Despite the C8 being an upgrade to the C7, there isn’t any difference as far as design is concerned. Both sets look strikingly similar but nonetheless, their performance differs. The C8 comes with an Alpha 9 Intelligent Processor which ensures improved noise reduction, and better color mapping and contrast. 

Both TVs are HFR (high frame rate)-capable and can therefore play 120fps videos. Nonetheless, the C8 cannot handle HFR content from external devices such as 4K Blu-ray players. The C8 only handles HFR content from streaming services and over-the-air broadcasts. The C7 is only available in 55-inch and 65-inch versions whereas the C8 is available in 55-inch, 65-inch, and 77-inch versions.

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LG OLED E8P SeriesLG OLED E8P Series

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This top-of-the-range set is an upgrade to LG’s 2017 E7 range of TVs. Just like its predecessor, the TV featured the OLED technology which helps deliver detailed and lifelike images. You can choose from either the 55 inch or 65 inch version of the E8 TV. The TV is fitted with the incredible Alpha 9 picture processor to ensure a remarkable HDR performance. With WebOS and AI technology, navigating through the TV’s programs is quite easy. 

What will blow your mind away is the E8’s amazingly thin design, which is a beauty to behold. A barely-visible bezel means that your attention will be on the screen at all times. The sloped stand features a glass panel at the front thus giving the TV a floating appearance. It also creates a beautiful disconnect between the TV and its stand.  Therefore, your images will appear suspended in air and autonomous from their surroundings. This makes the TV the focal point of your entertainment room.  

You would be mistaken to think that the near-invisible bezel leaves no space for speakers thus affecting the E8’s audio production. To counter this, LG cleverly incorporated a remarkable slender Dolby Atmos sound bar along at the bottom-end. In as much as the speaker bar may not produce thumping sound, its audio production is sufficient in small entertainment room. 

The Alpha 9 processor ensures noise reduction thus giving you smooth and natural images. This processor similarly makes images more vivid and sharper. The TVs’ video processing capability means it can support content of up to 120 fps. Navigation is also quite easy due to the incorporation of the WebOS interface in the TV that allows you to control the set using your voice. 

The E8 was introduced to replace the E7. The most standout difference between these incredible sets is the design. While the E8 looks sleek and features a sound bar between the stand and screen, it doesn’t have a visible sound bar. It features a glass panel that gives it a futuristic appearance. The TV’s speakers are incorporated in its stand. 

On its part, the E7’s somewhat thick sound bar is joined to the stand thus helps to prop up the TV. Both sets have basic cable management, and are thin thus allowing a flush-mount. In terms of picture performance, the E8 edges out its predecessor since it features the Alpha 9 Processor found in LG’s 2018 OLED lineup. Both TVs have perfect blacks and HDR peak brightness, and have a low input lag for seamless gaming and viewing.

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LG C8 vs. E8 and the rest of 2018 OLED TVs

The most outstanding difference between these two sets is their design. The C8’s sound bar is visible at the bottom of the screen while the E8’s sound is produced by speaker strips located within the panel and the stand. Both have Alpha 9 Processors and are HDR-compatible. Their image quality is also very similar but due to the sleek design, the E8 has a higher retail price. 

Apart from the C8 and E8 TVs that LG has already released, the flagship W8, the G8 and the lower-end B8 have been announced but are yet to be released. It is expected that the TVs will hit stores later in 2018. Judging from the success of the C8 and E8, the yet-to-be-released TVs may record incredible sales once they are available in stores. 

In terms of pricing, the somewhat steep prices of recently-released TVs is justified due to their thrilling features and processing power. However, overall prices for high-end OLED TVs are now at the most affordable level ever. With OLED prices at a record low starting point, whether you decide to buy a 2017 model at a discount, a recently launched 2018 model at a premium price now or a still new 2018 model on Black Friday, 2018 seems to be the year that high-end OLED TVs are turning a corner and becoming more mainstream.

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