Business Intelligence has grown exponentially in recent years and is expected to continue to grow at an impressive rate. Business Analytics tools, Data Visualization applications and Predictive Analytics technologies give enterprises access to deeper analytical insights than ever before and help organizations focus on key strategic goals with faster and better decision making processes.

While this revolution of modern Analytics is taking place in the business world, consumer intelligence and the use of structured, meaningful information in the day-to-day purchasing process of products and services has been left far behind.

Let’s face it, it is not easy for consumers to make smart, educated and financially sound decisions these days. Internet and digital marketing have made everything available at our fingertips but the amount of information available is overwhelming. While all the information is out there, it is very challenging and time consuming to compare products or services, understand and analyze product features, evaluate functionality and match prices between products in an easy and intuitive way.

That’s where Aroyi is coming to help! The word Aroyi comes from the Greek Αρωγή, which actually means Help.

Our goal is to provide all the necessary information, resources and consumer intelligence tools like product feature and pricing comparison charts, product filtering, reviews and historical pricing trends for consumers to make every-day purchasing decisions in one comprehensive place.

We are starting with the technology sector but we are growing fast and soon we will expand into other product categories and services.

Our philosophy:

One-Stop Shop for consumers

Reinventing product research and purchasing experience

Consumer Intelligence at your fingertips