Best TVs For Watching The World Cup


The much-awaited 2018 World Cup is well underway and there’s no better way of cheering your favorite teams than watching them play live and on UHD. This is one of the best times to purchase TVs at great price points. After Memorial Day weekend retailers have set nice price discounts for TVs that should attract soccer/football-mad fans that didn’t make it to Russia.

Top 5 Gaming TVs in 2018

Gaming TVs

To get the best gaming experience on your Xbox of PS4, you need a high quality TV. The availability of 4K TVs in the market means that enthusiasts can enjoy a 4K gaming experience. Gamers ought to consider factors such as color contrast and accuracy, color gamut, power utilization, screen reflectance, viewing angles, and smart TV features. All these go a long way in guaranteeing a thrilling gaming experience. 

TV Buying Guide: What is HDR and Why is Everybody Talking About It?

HDR Picture

In the TV world, the bar often gets set higher all the time. Just when we all thought that OLED technology was the embodiment of quality images, High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology came along. HDR is arguably one of the most talked-about TV technologies at the moment. In as much as the technology has been around for a couple of years, TV enthusiasts only started taking note of it in 2017. 

The Best TVs of CES 2018

CES 2018

Like in previous years, the CES 2018 did not disappoint. The most exciting showcases of TVs went down in Vegas. This year, the attendees were treated to the latest HDR or 4K TVs on offer. They got to see the numerous OLED and LED models with a full range of features that made them wonder what's next for TVs.

Buy a TV now or wait until later in 2018

The decision on the best time to buy TV sets is always tricky in the beginning of the year. The question on the minds of many potential buyers is whether to buy a discounted model from previous years now or wait for a new model later in the year. Newly announced and much anticipated models will certainly come at a higher price tag than those currently available but do the fancy features of new TVs justify the price premium?

TV Buying Guide: What Is Refresh Rate and Why Does It Matter?

Understanding TV Refresh Rates

The TV refresh rate in the industry describes the frequency at which a video screen updates per second; a high refresh rate gives you a smooth, natural-looking motion. The refresh rate originates with early film, when movie projectors ran at 24 frames per second, with shutters allowing projection of 48 frames a second (each image showed twice), or 48 hertz (Hz). Traditional, tube televisions delivered a 60 Hz or 50 Hz refresh rate.

Best TVs of 2017

This year the TV industry has seen an amazing array of innovative and revolutionary improvements in addition to a range of additions and technological updates to already existing technologies and TV features.

TV Buying Guide: Display Technology

Purchasing a new centerpiece TV can be a harrowing experience in its own right. New display technology is coming out every year and prices can seemingly be all over the place depending on which acronyms are being used to describe the technology! 

Are any of these even important to know? What do the mean and where do you begin a comparison? It’s nearly enough to give up in frustration!