To get the best gaming experience on your Xbox of PS4, you need a high quality TV. The availability of 4K TVs in the market means that enthusiasts can enjoy a 4K gaming experience. Gamers ought to consider factors such as color contrast and accuracy, color gamut, power utilization, screen reflectance, viewing angles, and smart TV features. All these go a long way in guaranteeing a thrilling gaming experience. 

Gaming TVs

Since you will be buying a TV exclusively for gaming purposes, you must ensure that models being considered have a “gaming” mode with low-input latency. It is advisable to only consider models whose latency is 35ms or less. Besides this, HDR capability is equally important. The following are the top 5 gaming TVs in 2018. 

1. LG C8 LG OLED C8P Series

This high-end 4K smart OLED set is arguably one of the most impressive gaming TVs you’ll find anywhere. The TV has an infinite contrast ratio, and incredibly wide viewing angles. Its ability to reproduce a wider color gamut is second to none. It also produces minimal motion blur besides having high peak brightness, which helps deliver incredible HDR content. With an input lag of 21ms, you are in for a great gaming experience. 

The LG C8 TV delivers outstanding picture quality. Even when gaming in in poorly-lit rooms, the excellently deep black levels ensure that you miss nothing. The TV’s brightness levels also ensure a great gaming experience. When installed in brightly-lit gaming rooms, the set performs admirably due to its SDR peak brightness feature that enables it to handle reflection admirably. What’s more, LG C8 TVs have near-perfect pixel response times and therefore, you won’t experience any response blurs even when playing the fastest of games.

LG C8 TV also has an excellent design. Its thin screen perfectly blends with the thin borders. The TV doesn’t have a front-facing sound bar but sits on an exquisitely curved stand instead. The TV’s rear is minimal, thus making wall-mounting quite convenient. Nonetheless, you may find it difficult to access some of the rear-facing inputs once the set is wall-mounted. The set has an average temperature of 90 °F and maximum temperature of 93 °F. Therefore, it stays cool whenever you’re playing your favorite games for hours on end.

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Samsung QLED Q9FN Series 2. Samsung Q9FN QLED TV

Samsung is renowned for producing low input lag TVs. Its recently-released Q9FN QLED TV is no exception. This set is suitable for gaming due to its low input lag, unbelievable HDR support, and native UHD resolution. Its unique gaming-friendly features and insane brightness levels will take your gaming experience to a whole new level. It comes with unique screen filters, which ensure that images aren’t affected by ambient light when gaming. 

The 65-inch screen similarly delivers the brightest images besides working wonders on the graphics of your favorite games more so if they are available in HDR. Despite not having any visible speakers, this TV has a fantastic audio performance. When set to Game Mode, Samsung Q9FN QLED TV’s input lag drops to an incredibly low 12ms. What’s more, its gorgeous design will transform your games room.

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3. Sony X900F Sony XBR X900F

Sony’s decision to incorporate LED lighting in its X900F TV makes it one of the best gaming TV in the market. The set features Sony’s renowned powerful X1 Extreme video processor, which eliminates lags when gaming. The processor comes with a unique database system that infuses detail to sub-4K content besides eliminating noise. By virtue of being an Android TV, you have access to lots of new games on the Play Store. 

Sony X900F has an impeccable HDR performance when gaming with this set, you’re bound to notice that images look more detailed and 4K-like. The TV similarly has a wider brightness range and enriched colors, which make your images appear consistent and lifelike. Sony X900F also performs admirably when it comes to motion reproduction, which helps minimize blur. The TV’s design is also captivating, and its audio quality mesmerizing.

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Panasonic TX50EX750 4. Panasonic TX-65EX750

The release of this TV after the 2017 CES was seen as a strategy by Panasonic to gain a foothold in the gaming market. This set been lauded for its gaming capabilities and it’s easy to see why. The TV combines an alluringly airy design with the most impressive LCD backlight technology. It features a unique design with a 360-degrees stand that allows you to conveniently rotate the screen to different directions when gaming. Besides this, you can adjust the height of the screen on the stand for an optimal gaming experience. 

The TX-65EX750 TV has a 4K Ultra HD resolution. It also supports HDR10 and HLG. It however doesn’t support Dolby Vision HDR format. Panasonic incorporated an inventive Studio Master HCX2 processing system, which ensures faster video response and optimal color reproduction. The TV similarly delivers an incredible HDR performance, perfect blacks, unbeatable color contrast, and gorgeous color blending. This TV is definitely a must-buy for gamers who are willing to forgo some HDR-friendly brightness in favor of excellent backlight management.

5. TCL 55P607 4K HDR TV TCL 55P607 

The inclusion of this TV will certainly catch you by surprise. If you are a gamer who isn’t into brand names, this is one of those low-end TVs to look out for. The set guarantees a phenomenal gaming performance, high picture quality, and overall value. It has both Dolby Vision and HDR support. This set similarly comes with a wide color gamut, and full-array local dimming capability with 72 coverage zones. This helps produce those desirable deep black levels. 

TCL 55P607 4K HDR TV has an outstanding and versatile Game Mode, which is enabled across an array of P607 picture modes. This helps deliver a tremendously low input lag of 14ms across different HDR modes. The low input lag comes in handy when engaging in fighting games. The TV will feel smooth and highly responsive. In as much as this TV’s picture quality won’t match that of higher-end models, it still remains a bargain. 

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