The first TVs of 2018 are now available in the market. Here is our first look at the top TV Models from Samsung, LG and Sony

2018 TVs

LG C8 Series Review LG OLED C8 Series

Unlike its predecessor series that was only available in two screen sizes, LG OLED C8 series is available in three screen sizes - 55-inches (OLED55C8PUA), 65-inches (OLED65C8PUA) and 77-inches (OLED77C8PUA). The introduction of the 77-inches screen is the company’s response to consumers who wished to have a larger OLED, but didn’t wish to pay premiums for the higher-end series just to have inconsequential things such as fancier stands and sound bars included.

Key Features

Each of the TVs under the LG C8 Series has the following specs:

  • 4K Resolution 
  • Support for four main HDR formats
  • Dolby Atmos playback support
  • webOS smart platform (Google Assistant)
  • ThinQ AI Functionality
  • 3 USB, 4HDMI, standard connectivity
  • Alpha 9 processor
  • True Color Accuracy Pro
  • HFR, 120/4K


  • Delivers amazing picture quality 
  • Increased GPU and CPU speeds
  • Smoother motion handling
  • Enhanced object-based contrast
  • Connectivity with other smart home devices
  • Cheaper than the C7 series

What to Expect

  • The biggest change for the OLED C8 line-up is the switch from M16+ processor to the “Alpha 9” processor. This new upgrade promises a 35 percent boost in GPU and CPU speeds, which translates to smoother.
  • 2018 series replaces True Color Accuracy technology with True Color Accuracy Pro, which is claimed to provide 7.3 times the amount of data points for color. 
  • The 2018 series has AI functionality (ThinQ) embedded in the TV sets. This helps in two ways. One, it enables you to speak directly into your remote control so that you can move in-between channels and get real-time information. Two, ThinQ enables your TV to access other smart home devices.
  • Another addition to the OLED C8 series is the integration of Google Assistant into webOS. Besides enabling you to change channels and switch inputs with your voice, this new addition also promises full integration with various other Google services, including Google Maps and Google Photos.
  • LGs OLED C8 series is the most affordable of its Alpha 9 processor-equipped HDR/4K OLED line. Grab one

 LG OLED W8 Series  LG OLED W8 Series Review

This series will be available in two screen sizes – 65 inches (OLED65W8PUA) and 77 inches (OLED77W8PUA). High-end AV fans will be wowed by the sets under this series as they are designed to mount virtually flush with the wall. 

Key Features

  • Wallpaper-thin design
  • LG OLED Display
  • Advanced HDR by Technicolor 
  • LG Alpha 9 Processor
  • Dolby Atmos & Dolby Vision certified
  • AI ThinQ 


  • Delivers remarkable picture quality 
  • Increased GPU and CPU speeds
  • Smoother motion handling
  • Enhanced object-based contrast
  • Connectivity with other home smart devices


  • Google Assistant integration unavailable for UK customers

What to Expect

  • The TV sets under this series will also come with an Alpha 9 processor, which takes CPU and GPU speeds to another whole new level.
  • Both the OLED65W8 and OLED77W8 screens will be smart hub TVs, all thanks to the Smart ThinkQ platform that will allow the TVs to share artificial intelligence with other smart home devices.
  • US customers will get to take advantage of Google Assistant. UK customers, however, won’t be as lucky since this feature isn’t integrated for them.
  • Dolby Atmos sound bar offers 3-dimensional sound from compatible Dolby Atmos content. 

  Sony XBR A8F Series Review Sony XBR A8F

Officially known as the Bravia A8F Series, this series is the successor to 2017’s Bravia OLED A1E. TVs under this series are available in two screen sizes - 55-inch (Sony XBR-55A8F) and 65-inch (Sony XBR-65A8F). This series delivers most of the same great specs delivered by its predecessor. From the acoustic surface screen to the Android TV smart platform, to HDR and 4K resolution, there’s no much difference. The A8F series also makes use of the same X1 Extreme processor as the previous series. 

Key Features

  • 4K Resolution
  • Support for HDR
  • Android TV smart platform
  • Acoustic surface screen
  • X1 Extreme Processor 

What to Expect

    • Sony has updated its top-of-the line 4K OLED TVs such that they give a more rich color, deep black levels, and broad viewing angles.
    • Both the 55-inch and 65-inch TVs will feature Sony’s acoustic surface audio, which essentially transforms the OLED’s glass panel into a speaker.
    • The display features 4K resolution, with support for HDR, including the Dolby Vision format. 
    • TVs under this series feature an upright bezel-less design with a more traditional stand. 
    • The series incorporates Sony’s X1 Extreme processor, which does a lot more than just handling processing for the picture itself. The processor also handles processing for HDR brightness data, as well as motion smoothing to remove artifacts and blurring in fast-paced content.

      Grab one

Sony XBR X900F Sony XBR X900F Series

Sony is among the manufacturers that have strived to quench consumers’ insatiable appetite for 4K TVs that are larger than 65 inches. With its XBR X900F series, Sony added 75-inch (XBR-75X900F) and 85-inch (XBR-85X900F) models to the standard 49-inch and 65-inch models. The new models looks pretty much like the 2017 models. They feature a slim bezel and full array backlighting.

What to Expect

 Samsung QLED Q9FN Series Review Samsung QLED Q9FN Series

This series acts as Samsung’s flagship for 4KTV for 2018. It features some pretty impressive QLED TVs.  Although it boosts all the hallmark features found on the slightly cheaper TVs under the Q6FN, Q7FN and Q8FB series, the Q9FN series sets itself apart with its QDR EliteMax as well as a full-array of local dimming perks. TVs under this series are available in two screen sizes - 65 inches (QN65Q9FN) and 75 inches (QN75Q9FN)

What to Expect

  • TVs under this series feature a 360 design that’s quite aesthetically appealing.
  • They also come with a new feature (Ambient Mode) that enables the screen to adapt to the characteristics of the surface/wall behind. Besides blending in with the wall, the Ambient Mode also displays information cards and photos, as well as add faint background music.
  • The QLED TVs under this series have the ability to supply both power and AV content through what Samsung calls ‘an invisible connection’.
  • Samsung integrated Bixby in the 2018’s models, which enables you to change channels and find content with your voice.

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