The much-awaited 2018 World Cup is well underway and there’s no better way of cheering your favorite teams than watching them play live and on UHD. This is one of the best times to purchase TVs at great price points. After Memorial Day weekend retailers have set nice price discounts for TVs that should attract soccer/football-mad fans that didn’t make it to Russia. Some of the TVs that were unveiled during the 2018 CES seem to have clearly targeted the World Cup season and most of the high-end 2017 TVs are now at an all-time low price point.  


If you didn’t travel to Russia to watch your favorite teams play, you can still savor in all the action from the comfort of your living room. Major brands have released incredible TVs that will enable you stay appraised with all the action as it happens. Finding a TV that suits your budget, style, and preferences can be quite cumbersome due to the abundance of different TV models on the market. Fortunately, there’s something for everyone regardless of your budget. These are the Top 5 TVs for watching the 2018 FIFA World Cup. 

1. LG C8 Series 4K OLED TV LG OLED C8P Series

The C8 is arguably one of the most talked-about TVs in 2018. Its appearance at the top of this list is a no-brainer considering the limitless features and exceptional viewing experience that the TV will offer you. Launched by LG just after the 2018 CES, the C8 OLED TV should be your go-to set if you do not have any budget constraints. As expected, the C8 Series TVs are cost an arm and a leg but nonetheless, the high price is justified if the design, image quality, and sound quality are anything to go by. 

The World Cup is often characterized by fast action, which no football fan wants to miss out. In standard LCD and LED TVs, fast action can easily dissolve into a fuzzy haze. This isn’t the case when watching your favorite teams play on the LG C8 Series 4K OLED TV. This TV performs excellently when it comes to displaying fast action and therefore, you won’t miss a thing. In addition, it delivers exceptional images since it is engineered to display every HDR standard including Dolby Vision, HLG, and HDR10.

The C8 Series also deliver thrilling color accuracy and unbeatable resolution. Wide viewing angles mean you can always invite your friends over for games and still view top-notch images irrespective of your sitting positions.

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2. Philips POS9002 OLED TV (OLED873)

Philips has long been regarded as a sleeping giant in the TV industry considering the fact that it was among the torchbearers of the LCD revolution. The brand recently released the POS9002 OLED TV, which has become one of the most talked-about TV sets in the industry. This is definitely one of the most exciting TVs to watch the World Cup. While this set isn’t as big or outstanding as LG’s C8 TVs, it still performs admirably. Besides this, it comes at a cheaper retail price thus making it suitable for more budget-conscious buyers. 

POS9002 OLED TV features Philips’ groundbreaking Ambilight technology, which goes a long way in delivering a more immersive and dynamic viewing experience than you will see anywhere. It has outstanding locational and tonal accuracy, which will bring out every detail when watching your favorite teams battling out on the pitch. 

The POS9002 OLED TV also has incredible picture quality due to the inclusion of Philips’ unique P5 picture processor. It similarly has wide viewing angles thus making it suitable for any football parties that you may host. The incredible motion processing capability of this TV means you’ll never lose sight of the ball when watching the World Cup games.


3. Samsung NU8000 Samsung NU8000 Series

Samsung’s NU8000 TV may not be as outstanding as the brand’s high-end QLED TVs but nonetheless, it is one of the best sets for watching this years’ FIFA World Cup. With a price range of $900 to $1,000 for the 55-inch model, this is arguably among the most affordable TVs you’ll see anywhere. It is also among the brightest TVs and since some World Cup matches will be played during the day, you are guaranteed an awesome viewing experience. 

The TV comes with Samsung’s Motion Rate technology for smoothing out all the action that you will be watching. Even though it doesn’t have Dolby Vision capability, the TV supports HDR, HDR10, and HDR10+ formats. It also comes with a chic design that will blend beautifully with everything else in your living room. Therefore, Samsung NU8000 TV is a great value for money and a must-buy for football fanatics during this years’ World Cup.

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4. TCL 6 Series TV

This is another incredible TV for watching the World Cup. The 65-inch version of the TCL 6-series retails at less than $1000 thus making this set affordable to most budget-conscious buyers. Besides featuring a great design, the 6-Seriec TCL is also packed with a range of outstanding features. While this Roku-powered set may not possess the incredible response times that we expect from high-end OLED TVs, it comes with TCL’s unique Clear Motion Index feature to ensure smooth and nice movement. Therefore, you won’t struggle to follow the action as it happens on your screen. 

TCL’s 2018 6-series TVs closely resemble last year’s P-series but nonetheless, they support a wider range of functions. It runs on Roku’s simple and straightforward software, which delivers a life-like viewing experience. The software also makes it easy for you to populate channel information when shifting through sports channels that are streaming your favorite games. 

The 6-series comes in 55-inch and 65-inch screen versions. It also has an all-new iPQ Engine that helps deliver an incredible color range and quality. The built sound bars make it suitable for streaming World Cup games in large rooms without the need for auxiliary sound systems. In conclusion, TCL’s 6-Series is a budget-friendly choice for football fanatics during this World Cup.


5. Sony Bravia X900F TV (XBR X900F) Sony XBR X900F

This is among the most outstanding TVs for watching football. The Sony XBR X900F TV features the MotionFlow and X-Motion clarity technologies, which bring out the most amazing picture quality that you’ll see anywhere. The technologies use the TV’s direct lighting capability to brighten images. Therefore, you can watch daytime World Cup games conveniently without worrying about image glare. 

Sony also incorporated its patented Triluminous technology, which helps in the production of incredibly bold images. In addition, the TV easily upscales HD content to 4K thus optimizing the way matches look. This TV gives you a life-like watching experience and action on your screen will appear as if you are in the stadium. 

The TV also has a wide color range with wide tones coming with an unmatched richness that very few other TVs can provide. It offers peak brightness levels of more than 2,000 nits and the wide color range and gamut particularly bodes well with the extreme and stark colors that typify football broadcasts that are in HDR. The TV also has a stadium-like sound quality that will certainly upgrade your watching experience. All in all, the Sony Bravia XBR X900F gives you a life-like watching experience and action on your screen will appear as if you are in the stadium.

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