Like in previous years, the CES 2018 did not disappoint. The most exciting showcases of TVs went down in Vegas. This is not the time to worry about pricing. Even though what goes on in most people’s minds is how much it will set back their pockets, price speculation is the most one can do. Just looking at the new features on offer is enough to bring in visitors. People get to see top-tier flagships and models that offer excellent value. This year, the attendees were treated to the latest HDR or 4K TVs on offer. They got to see the numerous OLED and LED models with a full range of features that made them wonder what's next for TVs.


CES 2018

The TCL 6 Series LED TVs are certain to offer value for money in an attempt to maintain the momentum set by the TCL P Series. Some believe this series was one of the most valuable 2018 TVs based on several reviews last year. The 6 Series promises to replicate this feat with built-in smart features such as HDR/Dolby Vision support, local dimming, 4K resolution, and the Roku Platform. All these features will be offered in 55 and 65-inch options at competitive pricing.


CES 2018 LG

LG’s C8 Series OLED TV is a follow-up for one of last year’s biggest prospects, the C7 series. The C8 is expected to offer similar qualities, including OLED picture quality, HDR support, and 4K resolution. It, also, brings significant improvements by adding innovative "AI" TV options, such as LG's ThinQ smart home system. LG has, also, added a new Alpha 9 processor that is set to improve the video processing across the full array OLED series. The TV boasts a fantastic panel to gaze at, which makes it different from the older models. There are also several tweaks on the software side with the Google Assistant. The slim 65-inch screen is complemented by a Dolby Atmos-equipped sound bar. The picture processing for contrast and motion has seen significant improvement with an upgrade to its internal system. Lastly, it has at least four types of HDR, giving users plenty of choices.

CES 2018 Sony

Sony wouldn’t be outdone as LG and Panasonic debuted their OLED TVs. Sony launched its A8F Series OLED TVs this year, a follow-up to A1E. The new series differs from the A1E due to its greater practicability. It offers the new features in addition to the traditional stand/wall mount functionality. The HDR/4K OLED features mean that it uses the company’s Android TV platform, which provides for greater functionality with a full array of apps and smart TV features. The series utilizes the "Acoustic Surface" audio system that allows audio playback through screen vibrations. The TV has an extra subwoofer out back and it sits on a redesigned stand. It offers an awesome-looking picture captured in innovative design in its 65 inches. juki tl-2010q review

CES 2018 Panasonic

Panasonic’s CZ950 Series OLED TV is a continuation of its flagship Panasonic EZ1000 OLED, which contributed to the OLED TV revolution. The CZ950 OLED series promises greater affordability and screen size flexibility this year. This OLED will also be the first to provide support for the new HDR10+ format. This format is a fine-tuning on the HDR10 format, as it adds dynamic metadata functionality that replicates the functionality of Dolby Vision format. The series applies a system popular among Hollywood colorists, a database of video and picture processing systems.

CES 2018 Samsung

One of the most outstanding TVs at the 2018 CES was Samsung’s model dubbed 'The Wall,' a complete departure from its traditional or SKU-based TVs. "The Samsung Wall” is every bit like a wall and much more with incredible features. Spanning 146 inches, the TV is modular and composed of numerous cubes of micro-LEDs but looks seamless. The series offers an impressive resolution, brightness, and clarity. This could be the first-ever MicroLED TV designed for consumers, according to Samsung. The fact that the Wall is modular means that one can customize the screen shape and size by removing or adding sections without compromising the display quality. Many attendees were also attracted by the fact that it is 100% bezel-free. Although the Wall has been released this year, the technology could ultimately allow for “wallpaper screens” that enable displays covering varying shapes and sizes of walls.

On the screen of a wall TV, one will be able to watch TV and leave a section of the display to show TV programs while the rest remaining wall portions would be used to exhibit things such as family memories or simulated décor.

To prove that it was a serious contender for the manufacturer of the year, Samsung also released an 8K TV. The Samsung Q9S 8K TV was a revelation on CES 2018 latest TV trends. It was able to stand out due to its ability to convert anything into over 33 million pixels. Samsung is, understandably, hesitant to reveal what makes its newest TV model tick, as the 8K is yet to be embraced by all the manufacturers. However, what is clear is the screen size. Samsung has revealed that it will roll out the 8K in a whopping 85-inch screen.

Some of the TVs came with a Google Assistant, signaling the genesis of a revolution of intelligent TVs that help people search for their favorite shows online. It could spell doom for traditional TV stations but the viewer experience will be more rewarding than it is now. With the addition of voice control features, TV owners will have every reason to stay at home. Participants of the CES may have had a glimpse into the future with awesome displays. Some may have just had a look at their next TV sets in the coming days. They may look at their current sets differently after CES and it might be time to change that TV set.


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