This year the TV industry has seen an amazing array of innovative and revolutionary improvements in addition to a range of additions and technological updates to already existing technologies and TV features.

Some of the innovations released this year include the Nano Cell and QLED technology as well as advances in HDR technology. This has increased the brightness of TV systems and enabled the addition of more functionalities.

Furthermore, by late 2017, the majority of TV releases in both the budget and high-end category feature 4k resolution. At the same time, on the content and programming side, all new movies are now available in 4k and you can stream your favorite TV shows in 4k from platforms such as HBO GO, Amazon Video and Netflix.

Today, investing in the latest model means you can enjoy your viewing experience in the best quality possible. To enable consumers select the best products, here’s a comprehensive list of the best TVs of 2017.


The LG C7 is arguably one of the best performing TVs available in the market. Viewers will enjoy wide viewing angles, perfect black levels, excellent bright-room picture and accurate color. The LG C7 is compatible with most HDR formats, giving better HDR image quality than last year’s model. Physically, you will enjoy its super-slim, sleek panel.

As one of the best TV releases of 2017, the LG C7 is an expensive model; however, its price tag is very reasonable compared to the top line LG models like the E7, G7 and W7 series.  The LG C7 offers the best value for money when it comes to 4K picture quality

+ Best picture quality/cost ratio
+ Excellent picture quality at wide view angles
+ Super slim design

- Not as Bright as traditional LCD TVs

LG’s flagship TV for the year 2017 is an amazing 2.57mm OLED television that attaches to the wall by means of a magnet. This enables it to sit completely flush against its background. It is available in 77 and 65-inch screen sizes and comes with a 4.2 channel Dolby Atmos media box and sound bar.

This new set of LG OLED TV is 25% brighter and supports some new HDR standards from Technicolor. This is in addition to the Dolby Visions and HDR10 standards that came with last year's range of OLED TVs. It also comes with integrated HLG playback that has been touted as the future of 4k Broadcasting.

+ Revolutionary "Wallpaper" Design
+ Exceptional Picture Quality
+ Excellent Audio

- Limited Dolby Atmos Support
- Picture Noise with HDR images
- High Price Tag

Owing to its sleek design, exceptional motion handling, and impressive picture quality, the Samsung Ultra HD 4K 9 Series ranks among the best TVs of 2017. Its excellent contrast ratio, superior black uniformity, and high SDR brightness ensure that this TV overcomes glares and shines out in dark conditions.

It has a wide gamut of colors that enable the production of especially vibrant colors which brings action and sports scenes to life. It has a maximum thickness of 1.89 inches making it ideal for wall mounts.

+ Amazing Picture Quality
+ Impressive Future-proof System
+ Excellent SDR Performance

- Fairly Expensive
- Slip-up with Picture Preset

Sony released its range of OLED TVs with remarkably unique features that is sure to wow their consumers and TV enthusiasts. The Sony Bravia A1 Series is available in 77, 65 and 55-inch screen sizes with tech support for its Dolby Vision HDR. It also features the innovative and hugely successful Sony X1 Extreme picture processor

As expected, the Sony XBR-A1E outperforms most TV models in the market, delivering exceptional bright room picture, wide viewing angles, perfect black levels and accurate color for the ultimate viewing experience.

 The feature that separates the Sony Bravia A1 Series from its competition is its sound system and stand-less design. The speakers are not attached to the TVs panel; the glass front also called the “Acoustic Surface” is the speaker. The panel vibrates to produce the stereo effect, and its subwoofer provides the bass. This feature means that owners do not need to purchase a traditional stand and the TV set itself delivers almost 100 percent picture (no speakers or stand) when viewed from the front. The only downside to this TV is its price as it compares unfavorably to the less expensive OLED TVs from LG.

+ Innovative Design
+ Excellent Picture Quality
+ State-of-the-art sound system

- Not as Bright as traditional LCD TVs
- High Price vs comparable LG OLED TV Models

QLED or Quantum Dot LED is the answer to LG’s OLED domination. Even though the two technologies sound similar, they are quite different. More information on the two technologies can be found here

The Samsung Q7 TV delivers the best in class design and features. It is leading the way with its sleek, modern, stylish design, with impeccable fit and finish. Samsung continues to bring new innovative ideas to the TV industry with the break out box and invisible wiring system that give you a simple and super-clean installation. The Samsung Q7 is a great option especially for customers looking for a high-end TV; however, the overall image quality does not match up to the OLED or the higher end LED LCD TV screens.

+ Great color and contrast levels
+ Exceptional brightness


Relatively high price
QLED technology arguably inferior to OLED by most reviews and analyses


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